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Don’t Market To Your Customers; Educate Them Instead

What is Innovation Showcase?
Innovation Showcase is an opportunity to educate and engage your existing and potential customers via a virtual panel event. These events could include panels or research to help drive adoption of your solutions to the Chicago Ad Fed community. The Chicago Ad Fed will utilize our historical experience of over 100 events to help curate an experience that is meaningful to our audience and impactful to your business.

Why an Innovation Showcase?
Research has shown that educating vs selling increases trust and drives loyalty among your customers. This forum provides an opportunity to increase the adoption of your products.

Customers who learn via education are 131% more likely to buy.

How Does it Work?
The Chicago Ad Fed will actively reach out to the community and host the event with our branding to allow you to tell your story. We have a limited number of these events annually and you have exclusivity for your category for the year.

Investment Opportunity: $3,000

Benefits Include:
Access to Chicago Ad Fed Members
Chicago Ad Fed Co-branding
Utilization of On-Site or Virtual Tools
List of attendees and Survey Follow-Up
Social media impressions via Chicago Ad Fed