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Innovation Showcase

Innovation Showcase – sponsored by Walmart Connect

2:00 pm
This is a past event

Did you miss our recent Innovation Showcase—The New Wave of Retail Media: How to Level Up Retail Media Strategies—sponsored by
Walmart Connect?

We got you!

Read below for key takeaways or go deeper by watching the live recording featuring subject matter experts from Walmart Connect and The Trade Desk.

This lively discussion uncovered ways to harness the power of retail media in an increasingly fragmented landscape by exploring how the number one U.S. retailer partnered with the largest independent demand-side platform (DSP) to launch the Walmart DSP. This conversation showcased how Walmart Connect’s innovative DSP helps advertisers elevate their distribution strategies, targeting parameters, and measurement capabilities to reach consumers at every step in the customer journey.

#1: Discover the Future of Retail Media & Shopper Experiences

  • Retail media is everywhere. It’s become so large that Forrester predicts retail media will be a $50 billion industry this year. As ecommerce has exploded, shopper marketers have found it extremely valuable to reach prospective buyers when they’re on retailers’ ecommerce platforms. But retail media use cases go beyond what we have historically thought about (i.e., shopper objectives). Today’s retail opportunity allows brands to reach customers or potential customers outside of the shopping experience and across the open Internet.

#2: Extend Campaigns Off-Site Leveraging the Walmart DSP

  • Walmart’s reach is truly massive. As the #1 retailer in America, the #1 online grocer, and the #2 eCommerce platform in the U.S., Walmart has data on 90% of America because 90% of America shops in our stores, on our website, and on our App. And as data is the cornerstone of our value proposition, our first-of-its-kind DSP created in partnership with The Trade Desk, gives advertisers the ability to activate Walmart’s proprietary customer data in real-time with a self-serve programmatic platform that provides advertisers with significant data at their fingertips.

#3: Drive Performance with Self-Serve Media Buying & Optimization Tools

  • The Walmart DSP puts the power directly in the hands of agencies and brands by allowing them to launch & manage off-site media campaigns with self-serve buying and optimization tools. Our demand-side-platform gives agencies and brands the flexibility to better control off-site campaigns by leveraging Walmart’s first-party audiences to serve hyper-relevant messaging across The Trade Desk’s premium inventory. This allows advertisers to reach both new and pre-existing consumers on their favorite platforms.

#4: Increase Sales with Verified Audiences & Closed-Loop Measurement

  • Walmart’s unique DSP helps advertisers obtain actionable, in-flight and post-campaign reporting on media performance and Walmart omnichannel (closed-loop) sales so advertisers know the true impact of ad efforts. And through Walmart’s closed-loop measurement, advertisers can make every media dollar accountable by connecting their campaigns to Walmart’s in-store and online sales.

Featured Panelists:

Ellen Mulryan
Senior Director, Retail Data Partnerships

Ellen Mulryan joined The Trade Desk in 2021 after spending her career at Starcom USA and brings a wealth of experience across topics including data strategy, identity, retail, and emerging platforms. In partnership with Walmart, Ellen leads the vision for the Walmart DSP as they deliver on the future of retail data. While at Starcom, she was a key leader within Starcom USA’s Solutions Architect practice where she developed products addressing client needs across digital, traditional media, and analytics. 
Chris Tyau
Lead Product Marketing Manager

Chris Tyau is a passionate marketing professional with experience in media, ad tech, and market research. With a background in product marketing, strategy, and product management, his diverse experience gives him a unique perspective on building products and developing go-to-market activations. Prior to joining Walmart Connect, Chris led marketing efforts for Nativo’s ad sales business.

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