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2023 Advertising Woman of the Year Nominations

Nominations now open

Since 1958, the Chicago Advertising Federation (CAF) has honored women who have made significant contributions to the advertising industry.

Nominations for the 2023 Advertising Woman of the Year are open now through Friday, December 2nd, 2022. Nominations can be submitted here.

The nominee must meet the following criteria:

Contributions to the Advertising Profession
Nominee’s work is in the following area(s): advertising agency, advertiser, media or technology contributing to the advancement of marketing. Nominee has contributed to the profession through the development of concepts, innovations or practices. Noted contribution to her company and/or industry in the last 12-18 months. Nominee is a member of her company’s senior leadership team.
Mentorship & Community
Nominee has contributed to the development of others in the advertising industry through professional, civic and community activities. Is considered a role model of many, notably women.
Nominee has significant industry experience (generally considered to be +20 years) with the majority of her career spent in Chicago and currently lives in the city or greater Chicagoland area.
Additional Criteria
Nominations should list other awards, citations, publications, and honors the nominee has received, as well as a short bio, head shot, and personal recommendation as to why a candidate should be considered for selection as the Chicago Advertising Woman of the Year.

Please note this person should NOT know they are being nominated to protect the integrity of the award.

Previous Advertising Women of the Year Include: 

2022 Marla Skiko
2020 Lizette Williams
2019 Tina Manikas
2018 Esther “E.T.” Franklin
2017 Laurel Flatt
2016 Morgan Flatley
2015 Trish Chuipek
2014 Laura Desmond
2013 Susan Credle
2012 Jackie Woodward
2011 Lisa Donohue

2010 Nina Abnee
2009 Karen Sauder
2008 Lisa Cochrane
2007 Dolores Kunda
2006 Fay Ferguson
2005 Yvonne Furth
2004 Marlena Peleo-Lazar
2003 Carla Michelotti
2002 Renetta McCann
2001 Dana Anderson
2000 Linda Wolf