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2019 Ad Woman of the Year: Tina Manikas

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
This is a past event

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate Tina Manikas! It was a magical evening as we heard from a number of peers and family members who all agreed Tina is the personification of PASSION. Those who took the stage included Dave Cleary of Microsoft, Kristian May Stewart of Ten35, Michael Fassnacht of FCB, Teddy Brown or FCB, Casey Nelson of Brown-Forman, Tina’s daughter, Pari Manikas, Arnett Morris with the Off The Street Club, Yvonne Furth, CAF’s 2005 Advertising Woman of the Year, and Joan Vivaldelli of Leo Burnett. 

Thank you to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who proclaimed November 7, 2019, Tina Manikas Day! Congratulations, Tina. View the night’s pictures and tag yourselves on our Facebook page.

Over the course of her career of 30+ years, Tina Manikas significantly helped raise, advance and set new standards for the advertising community. She was one of the first to pioneer integrated platform solutions and build shopper marketing as a capability, creating a practice in Chicago in 2000. Manikas then grew the practice into a new retail and commerce agency, FCB/RED. Under her leadership, FCB/RED has grown to become one of the most globally recognized and awarded agencies, earning accolades such as Cannes Lions, Effies, ANA REGGIES, ECHO Awards, WARC 100 and “Store of the Year” honors. A practice that started right here in America’s heartland, today has a presence in 10 select North American cities and a global reach extending to 120 offices in 80 countries.

“When we think of women of excellence in the advertising industry and leaders in innovation, we think of Tina Manikas. CAF is delighted to honor Tina as our 2019 Chicago Advertising Federation Ad Woman of the Year. She is the quintessential leader and is not only a fantastic businesswoman and leader in the industry, but also a kind, admired and highly regarded boss and coworker,” said Kim Theiss, President, Chicago Advertising Federation.

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About the program

The Advertising Woman of the Year Award (AWOY) has recognized outstanding leadership by a Woman in the Chicago Marketing Community since 1958. The AWOY is one of the oldest and most prestigious annual awards celebrated by the Chicago Advertising Federation. The AWOY recipient is someone who has made meaningful contributions to the Advertising profession through the development of concepts, innovations, practices or methodologies. The individual has worked towards increasing the stature and raising the standards of the advertising profession and contributed to the growth and development of others in the industry through professional, civic, and community activities.

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